Laboratory Technician position to work on support on the biological evaluation of immuno/chemo active nanoscaled Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for COVID-19 multitherapy

IMDEA Energy Institute is a María de Maeztu Center of Excellence whose objective is to develop R&D activities in the fields of renewable energies and clean energy technologies by establishing strong links with leading companies in the energy sector. (


IMDEA Energy, labelled as María de Maeztu center, is one of Europe's leading and internationally recognized research centers with outstanding reputation in the development of multifunctional materials. Its primary goal is to bring outstanding scientific and technological contributions to provide solutions to real socioeconomic concerns in diverse fields such as energy, environment & health ( In particular, the VIRMOF project (“Immuno/chemo active nanoMOFs for pulmonary multitherapy against COVID-19”), a REACT-EU research project call of the Community of Madrid, aims to design tailored composite nanoplatforms based on nanoscaled metal organic frameworks (nanoMOFs) associated with immune/chemo active ingredients (AIs) for an efficient combined therapy against SARS-CoV-2.

IMDEA Energy is opening a laboratory technician position for the Advanced Porous Materials Unit, looking for talented and motivated candidates with strong background in Chemistry and Biomaterial Science, for mainly the in vitro evaluation of AIs@composite nanoplatforms.

Tasks Description:

  • Synthesis and association of the active ingredients (encapsulation and surface engineering) of MOF composite nanoplatforms.
  • Full physicochemical and biological characterization of the previous systems by a large panel of solid-state techniques and in vitro assays.
  • Critical analysis of the results and writing of reports.

Compulsory Requirements

  • Official BSc in Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacy or equivalent.
  • Demonstrated experience: 1) Synthesis of (inorganic or hybrid) materials; 2) Characterization techniques (DRX, IR, UV-Vis, ATG, etc.); 3) Cell culture (cytotoxicity, internalization, etc.) and 4) Chromatography (HPLC, LC-MS).

Merits to value:

  • Adequacy of the candidate's training and experience to the requested profile.
  • Good organizational and communicative competences.
  • Appreciated English communication skills.
Selection Criteria
  • Adequacy of the candidate's training to the requested profile.
  • Work experience related to the profile of the job position.
  • Good organizational and communicative competences
  • Knowledge of English.

Remuneration: Between 26.000€ – 30.000€ per year, depending upon qualification and expertise.

*The contract includes all the benefits of the Spanish Public Health and Social Security System.

Duration of the contract: 1 year, possibility of annual renewals depending on performance


IMDEA Energía: Móstoles, Madrid


Final decisions will be personally communicated by e-mail to all candidates.


Equal opportunities are guaranteed in the selection process, without any forms of discrimination. 
Our commitment is to guarantee equality in measures to balance personal, family and working life and to promote gender equality.